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BGMI 90 FPS Config File Download 3.2 (100% Working)

Finally, guys, the BGMI 90 FPS config file for BGMI 3.2 is here. In this post, I will share the latest config file for BGMI 3.2 that unlocks all graphics settings. This config file can unlock the Extreme Framerate or 90 FPS for all devices.

If you have updated to Patch 3.2, you can try this config for a better experience and performance. The config unlocks 60 FPS, 120 FPS (Extreme), and 90 FPS for BGMI.

This config was tested with Redmi Note 8 and worked well with 60 FPS without any problems. You can test it with your own device and report in the comments below.

Make sure you have a device that supports a 90Hz screen refresh rate if you want to use the 90 FPS or you can use 60 FPS for BGMI 3.2.

BGMI 90 FPS COnfig File Download

BGMI 90 FPS Config File Download

Download the BGMI 90 FPS Config File and Enjoy the Game in More Smooth and Enhance your Gaming Experience. The BGMI 90 FPS config file is a modified file that can enable 90 FPS gameplay in BGMI, even on devices that do not officially support this frame rate. This file alters the game’s configuration settings to unlock higher frame rates, providing a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

How to Use 90 FPS Config Files in BGMI 3.2

First of all, if you want to download the BGMI 90 FPS config file for BGMI 3.2, enable a 90 Hz screen refresh rate in your device settings (only if your device supports 90 FPS). Then download the given config file.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Download and Extract the Config File
    • Download the latest BGMI 90 FPS config file.
    • Extract the file using a file extraction tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  2. Locate the Config Folder
    • Navigate to the BGMI config folder on your device:kotlinCopy codeAndroid > data > com.pubg.imobile > files > UE4Game > ShadowTrackerExtra > ShadowTrackerExtra > Saved > Config > Android
  3. Backup Original Files
    • Before replacing any files, make a backup of the original config files.
  4. Replace the Config Files
    • Copy the downloaded 90 FPS config file and paste it into the Android config folder. Replace any existing files if prompted.
  5. Set Permissions
    • Ensure the file has read and write permissions.
  6. Restart the Game
    • Close BGMI completely and restart your device. Launch BGMI and go to the graphics settings to check if the 90 FPS option is now available.

BGMI 90 FPS Config File Download v3.2 Latest File

Game NameBattlegrounds India
Config File NameBGMI 90 FPS
Last Updates20 June 2024

Benefits of 90 FPS in BGMI

Smoother Gameplay: Higher frame rates provide smoother animations and transitions, making the game more enjoyable. It can also reduce lag and improve response times, giving you a competitive advantage.

Improved Visuals: Playing at 90 FPS enhances the visual quality of the game. The graphics appear more detailed and lifelike, which can be especially beneficial in spotting enemies and navigating the game environment.

Enhanced Gaming Experience: Overall, the 90 FPS setting can significantly improve your gaming experience, making the gameplay more immersive and engaging.



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